Empowering Parents

Empowered parenting is much more than just being kind and loving. It means guiding your child in life by showing respect towards them, being practical and by being an effective role model. It means helping your child to respect themselves and others. It means encouraging your child without needing to offer rewards or to impose punishment.

Do you ever doubt your ability to parent?

You’ll discover why this is great news for your child Creating Balance offers Empowered Parenting Workshops that affirm parents, guiding and inspiring them to ‘trust the basics’ in spending quality time with their babies and children. With this help, parents grow in confidence and develop the skills and knowledge to nurture a strong and loving bond with their child. And their child is more likely to grow up with a greater sense of self, with strong communication skills and better psychological and social resilience. Providing comfort to your child, playing with them, respectful interactions and being a positive role model for them are the key components of successful parenting. Creating Balance offers time-honoured wisdom about each of these components – providing you with simple and natural ways to build these into your interaction with your child every day.

At our Empowered Parenting Workshop, you will learn the benefits of:

  • Seeing beyond the tantrum
  • Recognising the different stages of development
  • Understanding the temperament of your child and how to nurture it
  • Identifying your child’s learning style and why it’s important
  • Supporting your child’s strengths, qualities and abilities and learn how to extend them
  • Incorporating reading, music and sport into each day and why it’s important
  • Improve your and your child’s ability to build a strong relationship
  • Encouraging your child to co-operate without using punishment or rewards
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