Infant Massage/Baby Yoga

Your child – of any age – is absolutely and utterly precious to you.

And there is so much they will learn from you from the way you interact with them, each and every day:

  • That they are loved.
  • That they are safe.
  • That they are valued.

You convey these feelings every time you spend time with them. At their pace. Unrushed, patient, tender time…

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga both offer mother and infant the opportunity to connect, to nurture, to love, to heal and to create balance. The effects of a loving connection on the growing brain is enormous as brain growth is linked to our lived experiences. If we experience consistent responsive care which is loving and warm, our brains will develop differently to when care is inconsistent in its response or lacks sensitivity.

Infant Massage has been widely known as a wonderful and special gift that mothers can share with their baby. It can help to meet a variety of physical and emotional needs and to promote relaxation. Through touch, love, security and trust can be communicated from mother to baby.

Baby Yoga is based on the principles of adult yoga; breathing, stretching and relaxation, but it does have its differences from traditional yoga. Baby Yoga postures are very different from yoga postures for adults; it involves teamwork with mum lying, sitting or standing on the mat with her baby. Baby Yoga cannot be compared with ‘Mums & Bubs Yoga’ as this offers postures for mum only. Whilst baby is welcome to attend ‘Mums & Bubs Yoga’, they remain to the side and ‘off the yoga mat’ for the duration of the class.

Creating Balance teaches ‘Infant Massage’ and ‘Baby Yoga’ in the privacy of your home allowing the classes to be tailored to suit your particular needs. Classes are also offered in small groups for mums who are keen to have a training session for their Mothers Group or to join a group class to meet other new mums in their area. We hold classes in the Inner West, Canterbury/Bankstown and organise private and group sessions in the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore.

The benefits of enrolling in our Classes are:

  • Enhance cognitive development
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Create a strong bond of trust, love and respect
  • Increase your baby’s social skills and reduce separation anxiety
  • Aligns the body and creates balance
  • Strengthens the basic structure of the body
  • Cares for the neck, shoulders and hips
  • Assists with releasing the pressure of cranial moulding
  • Improve your ability and your baby’s ability to communicate with each other
  • Support your baby in their ability to relax more easily and for longer
  • Strengthen their sense of balance and co-ordination
  • Assist you to recognise pain, discomfort or ill health in your infant

and much more…

Contact us today to learn how the most valuable gift you can give your child is already in your hands.