Dedicated to nurturing the bond between parent and child, Dympna Kennedy founded Creating Balance, a leading edge parenting organisation that encourages parents to connect more closely with their children through improved communication and greater understanding of their children’s behaviour & needs.
Dympna is a member of numerous early childhood and health care organisations including: Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Massage Australia, Early Childhood Australia, International Association of Infant Massage, Birthlight UK & Birthlight Australia/NZ. She is also a registered Australian Sports Commission Community Coach, a registered Circle of Security Parent Educator having trained under Dr Kent Hoffman and a registered MTC Trainer for Newborns to Preschool. Inspired by her vision to work with young children and their families, Dympna studied Early Childhood Education and was presented with the Family and Children’s Services ‘Award for Excellence’. Through her continued research and work with young children, Dympna discovered that even young children can experience varying levels of stress, which can directly impact their ability to learn, relax and develop friendships. Determined to find suitable solutions to this issue, Dympna has attended over 30 professional development courses, many under Dr Stephen Matthey, Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Sydney and Dr Larry Brendtro, PhD University of Michigan, including deep brain learning, brain development and neuroscience, infant mental health, baby massage, baby yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy, rehabilitation, perinatal depression and anxiety and a number of specific courses regarding baby behaviours. More recently Dympna got the opportunity to attend a seminar under Professor Paquette, who is a visiting fellow at the Family Action Centre in the Faculty of Health, at The University of Newcastle, a leading researcher in the examination of father-child interaction and Dr Richard Fletcher, senior lecturer in the Family Action Centre who linked Professor Paquette’s work with his recent Australian research on fathers’ rough and tumble play and children’s self-regulation. Dympna is an Early Childhood Educator and is also fully qualified as a baby massage therapist, baby yoga practitioner & trainer. She has drawn upon her experience as a mother of two boys and in her work with children and families to develop a practice that provides parents with a variety of techniques and different options that they can access to develop deeper connections with their child and the freedom to parent from their heart. Dympna has combined what she studied with the practical side of actually raising two young children and has developed a number of techniques that can make such a huge difference in the early years. Her area of focus is from 6 weeks to 6 years old and now shares her knowledge with parents to make their lives simpler and easier and the relationships with the children in their care, richer and more rewarding. If you can identify with any of the following:
  • That parenthood is overwhelming
  • The feeling that you’re not a good parent
  • Feeling that you can’t cope
  • That you’re getting conflicting information/advice
  • You’re baby seems to scream at you
  • You find it is difficult to settle your baby
  • Tantrums only seem to happen in public
  • You worry about your child’s development
  • Constantly questioning your ability to parent
You will love the simple yet very effective strategies and programs that Dympna has developed to empower you as a parent, giving you a unique insight into how children develop, learn and think. You will come away with the renewed belief that you are the best parent, with a beautiful infant, a terrific two year old, a fabulous four year old or a sensational six year old! Contact Dympna today for a unique insight into creating a balance in your home or classroom.