Balance in the Classroom

It is clear that the richer the relationships that young children have with their teachers and peers, the greater the chance that they will become more emotionally secure, will settle more easily and have lower stress levels. These are some of the valuable rewards that can be achieved via Creating Balance’s Program to building strong relationships within a confident, calm and cohesive classroom.

As more and more of our interactions involve technology, with minimal human touch involved the need to develop a program based on positive peer to peer interactions has never been of greater importance. Our association and reliance on technology within and beyond the school environment has lessened our ability to form relationships and increased the risk of feeling both physically and socially isolated.

The ‘Balance in the Classroom’ program is a unique age appropriate Yoga therapy for children providing physical strength, emotional balance, flexibility, posture, happiness and overall well-being. It introduces techniques that improves concentration and focus through mediation, guided visualisations and relaxation exercises.  Classes incorporate story telling, music, massage, creative arts and yoga games. Breathing techniques to calm the body and mind are introduced to assist children release tension and balance emotions. Team building and friendships is the focus of the fun group activities and partner work.

Children learn in a variety of ways including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles. The program uses all of these learning styles, allowing core topics such as English, Mathematics, PDH/PE and Music to be incorporated into the program. Creating Balance takes a holistic approach to the program and believes it offers the perfect platform to provide each child with a strong physical, mental and spiritual foundation that will guide them now and for the rest of their lives.

Real benefits for students and teachers
  • Cultivates kindness to themselves and others
  • Cultivates respect for self and others
  • A decrease in aggression and bullying
  • Improved self esteem and emotional development
  • A greater sense of belonging and being accepted amongst pupils
  • Greater communication and participation between students, leading to improved team building and partnership skills
  • The development of tools for children to better manage their emotions
  • Benefits extending beyond the classroom into other areas of the child’s life
  • Rejuvenates and re-energises the mind, body and spirit
  • Calmer and happier classrooms, along with increased concentration levels
  • A positive approach to building trust, confidence, self esteem, respect and stronger relationships
The ‘Balance in the Classroom’ program benefits children in many settings: private, public and religious Primary Schools, Preparatory Schools and Pre-school classes within LDC Centres. The program has been introduced into OOSH and Children’s Holiday Programs. The ‘Balance in the Classroom’ program is a highly effective way to foster good relationships within schools. The program promotes fair behaviour and respect for others in a more positive context than the term ‘anti bullying’. It offers a simple way to nurture relationship building within the school and can be tailored to suit the needs of the school, teacher, classroom or child.

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