Creating Balance is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers to nurture self esteem and positive communication skills to all children under their care. Here’s what some have had to say:

Dympna saved my marriage. I attended a class for Dads and babies only, and didn’t really know what to expect. Within minutes it was apparent that Dympna had our families best interests at heart. She had the ability to make a room full of fathers instantly relax and she had the unique ability to draw us in with her calmness, her common sense and by just being down right practical. It was as if she had an insight as to what we were going through and shared with us different techniques that we could try, I put the first one that Dympna suggested into practise that afternoon and I just know that it made a difference to my wife, our child, and our family as it turned me around and I seen everything in a different light. I came to the class for Dad’s and learnt how to be a father and a supportive partner. Thank you Dympna. David R, Paddington

”I will take away the impact of ‘attitude’ in my life” and the importance of having a positive attitude both at home and at work. By attending the talk I gained great information about creating work/life balance and will use the techniques learnt in being able to deal better with my children, my partner, colleagues and people in general. I found the presentation informative, engaging and interesting and would recommend it to similar organisations and family groups.

I was chosen over all the other applicants as the best person for the job” I was curious to attend the presentation and to see if I could take any points away to help balance work-life with university and family expectations. I particularly liked hearing the different ways that I should view myself. I liked the idea that I should remember that I was chosen over all the other applicants as the best person for the job. I often forget this now that I’ve been with the organisation for a few years. I would recommend Dympna to larger organisations – maybe other Law firms in the city? I would particularly recommend this presentation to mothers who work for large organisations and are trying to balance home and work life.

“Dympna made me realise that I do make a difference” I was slightly sceptical in attending however as I was invited I attended as I usually enjoy hearing our guest speakers. I found the message made me realise that I should stop and breathe more but more importantly to value myself and others around me more. Dympna made me realise that I do make a difference. I would highly recommend this talk as I can see the impact it had on me.

“Demonstrating our value when explaining where we work” Having looked at your website beforehand I knew a little about what to expect and was so looking forward to attending the presentation. I specifically found the hints on dealing with children very beneficially especially in the morning rush of getting to work. The message that we received in demonstrating our value when explaining where we work and what we do was fantastic. I would recommend this presentation to parents in particular to working mothers.

Coleman Greig Lawyers (Staff Training Feedback)
This was the best money I ever spent on my baby. I was excited to attend as I had a friend who had researched Infant Massage prior to the class commencing. I had already been massaging my son but was keen to learn additional techniques to relax him. It was so reassuring to know the benefits for my son by giving him massage and introducing the various exercises to him plus I learnt how to truly relax him. In fact I learnt so much in this class that it was the best money I have spent on him. I would recommend this class to anyone who has a baby or is expecting one. This is an excellent class for both mums and dads to bond with their bubs. Dympna is an awesome teacher with a great personality. Y. Fujimoto, Burwood
I was very excited and interested to learn the Infant Massage techniques that I could use on my baby. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to maintain contact with other mums from the clinic. I was also very keen to learn some relaxation techniques that would benefit both my baby and I. Not only did I learn how to do Infant Massage Dympna also showed me how to incorporate relaxation techniques that I found very beneficial for my baby and for me. I also found the information on alternative ways to manage pain and discomfort very specific, practical and it worked too! Although this course is directed at Infants the topics covered by Dympna include tools that all parents can use to make a difference to their own health and wellbeing too. Sandra M, Bankstown
Although I had been giving my baby a massage since she was born I attended the workshop out of curiosity and to confirm my personal belief in the importance of massage for babies. I thought I would just make sure that I was doing Infant Massage correctly, however Dympna showed me so much more than just Infant Massage and what strokes to use and how to do it. I found the greatest benefit I received by attending this course was the amount of useful advice about the development of my baby and how to interact positively with her on a daily basis. I would recommend this course to all mums who are at home with a young baby who want to learn much more than just how to massage their baby. M Azzi, Bankstown
I came to this course with a strong belief in the importance of massage for the wellbeing of mums and especially for infants. I wanted to get specific tips and ideas on how to relax, soothe and calm my baby and those around him (if needed). Dympna gave me lots of ideas and well presented instructions for specific exercises to help with connectivity of a baby’s brain. I am proud to say that my mother noticed a difference in my son after I introduced the concepts that I had learned. If you are a new mum or a woman with young children that are anxious and fussy or a mother who is suffering post natal depression I would recommend enrolling in Dympna’s Infant Massage Classes. Charlene Mitrovic
I felt that I could not cope, the stress of an unsettled baby was compounded by my 5yr old who had become very demanding in needing my attention. I had read books, searched the internet, sought help from various individuals and then I was introduced to Dympna! After just one consultation I knew she was different, she literally turned chaos into calm without fuss or fanfare. If you are at the brink of not knowing where to turn to or what to do next, I recommend you contact Dympna. Whether your child is weeks old or five years old, (in my case both) I just found it was becoming increasingly difficult to cope. Dympna was the light at the end of the tunnel, except she met me half way up the tunnel and guided me out. Martina & John, Breakfast Point 2137
When you invite Dympna of Creating Balance into your home, you can rest assured that:
  • You will meet not only a person who is a true professional with the utmost integrity, but most importantly, a person who is first and foremost a mother. It is important to know that the person you are dealing with is someone who has the life experiences to compliment her training,
  • You will not be criticised. Dympna recognises that no parent or child is the same and that we all deal with situations differently, and
  • You will not be given any band-aid solutions. Rather, Dympna will equip you with techniques, whether through massage or otherwise, that will bring calm and balance into your home throughout your parenting years and not just for the short term.
Dympna is passionate about promoting calm, confident and content babies and children and has taught me that this starts in the home. This special lady who is so gentle and sincere will enrich your relationship with your child forever. Rosemary Carreras, Concord 2137
I spent 9 weeks in serious and debilitating pain from sciatica in my lower back and left leg during pregnancy. I had physiotherapy and massage treatments but without any significant relief. Dympna provided pregnancy massage for me in the comfort of my own home. After her incredible treatment I had the ability to move without pain. I slept well and woke up fresh in the mornings. She is simply the best. After the birth of our beautiful son, Dympna again came to my rescue. Dympna shared with my husband and I a range of techniques that helped calm and relax our son. We also learnt how to read his body language so that we can understand him and communicate better with him. I would, without any reservations, give Dympna the highest possible recommendation both for the effectiveness of her treatment, her teachings and her professionalism in caring for me. Someer K, Sydney 2000
Again Dympna, thankyou for your insightful documentation. What you have done in these experiences is made a difference in children’s learning and provided opportunities for children to engage meaningfully in the learning process. By asking and formulating high-level, open-ended questioning allows these children to participate in the process of learning. I believe the way you interact with children and document the process shows that you believe children learn through interactions between thoughts and the environment and that the teacher/adult and the learner/children interact as equal partners in the learning process as you often express this throughout your documentation. This is a skill you have been blessed with Dympna well done! J Howell, Lecturer, Child & Family Studies (Northern Sydney Institute)
An outstanding presentation (Importance of Touch for Young Children) Dympna! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. What detail you covered, so informative and enjoyable. An impressive handout, excellent analysis, your graphs were fabulous and so well set out. You should submit this for publishing to an early childhood publication. L. Walshaw, Lecturer, Child & Family Studies (Northern Sydney Institute)
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your very practical advice and for giving me a different perspective on the dynamics of childhood. I continue to experience the benefits of your beliefs and it has been very much appreciated. I think that there needs to be more lovely people in the world that help make others lives that much nicer. Dympna, thank you for being such a sweet & thoughtful person you really made my day, three children under 4 can be overwhelming sometimes but you made a difference. Eloise, Hunters Hill 2110
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