Balance in the Home

Calm, secure and happy babies & children – the gentle way
From the earliest age, you communicate your love to your baby in many ways. By the way you speak to him, take care of him, and by the way you hold, cuddle and interact with him during his daily care routines, his play and story time or his settling and sleep time.

As they grow from babies to children, your child’s sense of security and of being valued continues to be built on the unrushed, patient time spent with them.

A child who grows up in a home that is happy, safe, nurturing and respectful – yet at the same time offers challenges, encourages independence, is open to possibilities and embraces the whole child without the need for rewards or punishment – will, as a teenager, be more emotionally and socially resilient. They are more likely to develop a greater sense of self, with the confidence to look inwards and acknowledge their abilities – rather than looking outwards to seek their self worth.

The strong foundations built during childhood can enable your child to resist peer pressure. The happy, safe and nurturing home that you create can lessen their desire for artificial and dangerous ways to ‘feel better’ such as taking drugs and alcohol. Allowing them as children to take risks in order to learn new skills can ensure they are less inclined to engage in risky behaviour as they grow older.

Spending time establishing strong self esteem and healthy communication skills is one of the most valuable gifts you will ever give your child. Yet to be mentally and emotionally available to your child each day – spontaneously – requires an intentional effort to do so. It is not an easy task but with the correct support and assistance it is all possible.

At Creating Balance, our goal is to increase your confidence and improve your nurturing skills leading to happier and more secure babies and children in your care.

Creating Balance teaches a range of parenting techniques that create harmony in your home and nurture and grow a healthy level of self esteem.

How do we help create balance in the home?

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